3 Keys To Understanding Your Ultrasound Machine.

3 Keys To Understanding Your Ultrasound Machine.

With the endless amount of options you can choose from when it comes to buying an ultrasound machine, where do you begin? There are several different features in certain models that can prove to be advantageous for your business. This includes a transducer pulse control, a keyboard/mouse, transducer probe, a central processing unit (CPU), and many other features. However, which one is best suited for your specific needs? Notice these 3 suggestions that may help you to determine which one to choose.

1) Understanding The Ultrasound Machine

When it comes to choosing your ultrasound understanding the purpose of your machine is essential. Here are some basic features that may determine the type of ultrasound you buy.

1) A Basic Ultrasound Machine: High frequency sound waves are omitted by the transducer which eventually bounces off the structures inside the body. The ultrasound machine receives interior images, sounds, and even recordings of the body once the transducer is applied outside the body. Normally a basic ultrasound should cover your basic needs.

2) Internal Scan: When it comes to prostate issues, pelvic examinations, early-state pregnancy abnormalities or ectopic pregnancies an ultrasound machine that has this feature is your best choice. In addition, internal scans requires a transvaginal or a transrectal scanner to fit your patient internal regions.

3) 3D or 4D Ultrasound: An ultrasound with this feature when working on a obstetrics allows for a 3D or 4D image to be displayed to determine a fetus' sex. The 4D image allows for a 3 dimensional picture in real time. However, several clinical's a hospitals use 3D ultrasounds.

4) Portable Ultrasound Machines: A portable machine is an excellent choice if one has limited in space. Another added feature to this machine is that it may come with wheels to allow easier maneuvering.

5) Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Machine: This type of machine is geared to athletic-related applications. It allows bones and muscles to be scanned to confirm an accurate diagnosis.

6) Doppler Ultrasound Machines: This machine detects blood flow in fetuses, heartbeats, and early-stage breast cancer. It also has the ability to measure the speed and movement inside a body.

7) Echocardiograms Or Cardiac Ultrasound Machines: This machine allows for images to be taken inside the heart by using a Doppler signal. In addition, this feature allows for blood velocity to be measured.

2) The Probe For You

The linear and sector probes are typically the most commonly used probes for an ultrasound. Higher resolution is found in linear probes which allows clearer distinction between tissues. Different frequencies are measured when scanning tissues of varying depth. Sector probes allow for a wider field of view. However, both probes have the feature of being used internally and externally.

3) Additional Features To Consider

1) Dimensions and weight of machine

2) The ability to capture an image

3) The kind and amount of gel needed

4) Portability and ergonomics

5) Back up battery power

Common manufactures:

1) Esaote

2) SonoSite

3) Volcano

4) Mindray

5) Samsung

6) General Electric

7) Boston Scientific

8) Siemens

9) Philips

10) Toshiba

11) Fukuda Denshi 

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