Need an ultrasound system that requires imaging of muscles and the skeleton, and interaction of both, such as joints and tendons? We have the latest ultrasound systems that will help in diagnoses of tendon problems, achilles tears, arthritis, joint pain and bleeding within any muscles.

We have SonoScape, Chison and other ultrasounds available at affordable rates for your MSK requirements.  SonoScape S8 is high standard, portable equipment which is technologically advanced to be used for musculoskeletal diagnoses.  

Call or contact us and our experts will assist you to make the best choice.  All our human ultrasound machines and systems are FDA approved and are offered with 30 days refund policy and finance options.

Chison ECO1

From $3,499.00

SonoScape A6

From $4,699.00


From $6,999.00

Chison Q6


Chison Q9

From $13,399.00

Chison Q9 With 4D


Chison ECO5

From $8,999.00

SonoScape S2

From $10,500.00

SonoScape S6

Sold Out

SonoScape S8

From $15,500.00

Sonoscape S8 EXP

Sold Out

Sonoscape S9


Chison ECO5 Demo

From $6,999.00

SonoScape X5


Mindray DP-30