4 Steps That Protect Your Baby's Health.

4 Steps That Protect Your Baby's Health.

An expectant mother can only wish that her child becomes fully healthy throughout the pregnancy cycle. These 4 steps will increase the possibility of delivering a healthy baby.

1) Substances You Consume

When it comes to certain medicines and foods there may be potential risk of having a negative side effect to your unborn child. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor to identify which prescriptions and foods are safe for you to consume. In addition, it has been highly recommended to avoid alcohol, skipping meals, smoking, and consuming a large amount of caffeine. The majority of doctors do advise that vitamin supplements be taken during your pregnancy, such as folic acid.

2) Doctor's Care

Throughout your pregnancy a regular health screening allows your doctor to monitor your child's status. Any concerns you have in connection to your pregnancy should be consulted by your doctor as soon as possible. This includes any maternal infections, spotting, or fever. It would be beneficial to attain a phone number that connects you to an after-hours nurse. This allows you to stay connected with your doctor to visit you in the comforts of your own home with a Keebomed portable ultrasound machine.

3) Constant Exercise

It is recommended that light exercises be implemented during your pregnancy such as: stretching, light housework, or walking. Attempt to schedule in a thirty minute exercise for each day. However, difficult and dangerous exercises should be avoided.

4) Reducing Stress

Lowering stress is a key component to having a smooth delivery for your pregnancy. However, there are some factors that can increase your stress levels. These include: increased finances, physical discomfort from weight gain, or other responsibilities that are connected with your pregnancy. Although some of these are inevitable there are practical steps you can take to reduce your stress. These include: receiving an appropriate amount of sleep, affixing to a financial plan, and taking a week or two off from work during the time of your pregnancy due date. These steps will allow you to relieve the amount of stress you intake.

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