A Perfect Tool For Medical Flight Paramedics

A Perfect Tool For Medical Flight Paramedics

With patients who are in critical condition it is essential to have the best and correct equipment. Especially is this true when your practice involves being a medical flight paramedic. No doubt every second counts in your practice. However, A high-tech device such as a portable ultrasound can be a vital tool that provides you crucial assistance. Notice some of the benefits of an ultrasound machine.

5 Key Benefits

1) Recognizes OB emergencies: With 95% accuracy an ultrasound machine is able to identify emergency cases such as ectopic pregnancy and placenta abruption.

2) Verifies airway placement: A confirmed placement of the endotracheal tube for air-way management is correctly located with an ultrasound. In addition, this machine will allow you to distinguish more clearly from a main tracheal intubation to a right main-stream intubation. 

3) Detecting dyspnea causes: The cause of acute dyspnea can be more accurately diagnosed by a portable ultrasound. This allows better preparation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pulmonary edema.

4) Improved assessments of cardiac motion: An ultrasound improves the accuracy of the evaluation of cardiac motion. Precise pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment procedures are improved to ensure an increase in the survival rate of your patients.

5) Diagnosing strokes: Delicate conditions such as strokes can be more accurately detected with an ultrasonic machine. In turn this will provide your patient to arrive to the apporiate stroke center for specific treatment as soon as possible. 

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