Portable Ultrasound Machines For Sale

KeeboMed is an exclusive seller of high-quality portable ultrasound machines. We offer some of the best prices on these machines in the USA, which makes us a top choice among doctors and veterinarians. Physicians particularly love our affordable portable ultrasound machines for their convenience and clear images. Complete your equipment range and choose from our large selection. 

Reasons to Go Portable

Are you a doctor that makes house calls and visits to remote places? If so, our inventory of hand-carried, battery-operated portable ultrasound machines is for you. Don't let the small and convenient size fool you. Each portable ultrasound machine we distribute works just as well as its full-sized counterpart.

Why Ours Are the Best

When you work with KeeboMed, rest assured that we are an FDA-registered company that takes pride in keeping prices affordable. We exclusively sell ultrasound equipment; our machines are of impressively high quality because we solely manufacture ultrasound products. These machines are our specialty. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your device, we offer a 60-day return period.

The next time you're searching for a portable ultrasound for sale, turn to KeeboMed. We're happy to guide you to the machine that best suits the needs and budget of your practice. Give us a call today.

SonoScape A6

From $6,499.00

Chison ECO2

From $4,499.00


From $6,999.00

Chison ECO5

From $6,499.00

Chison ECO 6

From $11,000.00

Chison Q5

From $9,999.00

Chison Q9

From $13,399.00

SonoScape S2

From $10,500.00

SonoScape S8

From $15,500.00

SonoScape X5


Chison Sonobook 9



From $7,499.00

Chison Sonotouch 30


Mindray DP-30


Chison Q5

From $9,999.00

Mindray DP-50


SonoScape E1

From $5,499.00