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What is the advantage of using a handheld ultrasound machine for exams?

Mobility is the major advantage of using handheld ultrasound scanner systems in your practice. These are more convenient for scanning purposes because they are easier to carry, to move, and do not require a power cord; running on battery power for a significant amount of time. Even though a handheld ultrasound machine is smaller in size, the quality of image that is created is still good enough for pregnancy diagnosis and examination of ovaries and follicles. This is possible because of the high number of elements in the probes that makes the scanning quality better. The SonoScape A6 and Chison ECO1 are the most popular models doctors choose when looking for an ultrasound scanner to fit their needs. Even though they are a little bigger than many handheld ultrasound machines, they are still lightweight and can operate on battery power. Both of these ultrasound options are very affordable and produce high quality images.

KeeboMed offers a huge range of handheld ultrasounds for diagnostic exams and they are frequently used by physicians and veterinarians at clinics and hospitals. Committed to providing only the best quality handheld ultrasound devices, KeeboMed ensures that only the best-in-range products are offered at the most competitive prices to the buyers.

SonoScape A6 Ultrasound Scanner | Best Selling Handheld Ultrasound MachineWe have a unique free returns policy for 60 days. All the devices offered are in excellent condition and we ensure that no damage is caused to them during shipping and delivery. Browse our selection today.

SonoScape A6

From $5,699.00

Chison ECO1

From $3,499.00

Chison EBit 60

From $22,000.00

Chison ECO2


SonoScape X5



From $6,999.00

Chison ECO5

From $8,999.00

Chison ECO 6


Chison Sonobook


SonoScape S8

From $15,500.00

SonoScape S2

From $10,500.00

SonoScape S2 with 4D

From $13,000.00

Chison Q5

From $9,999.00

Chison Q5 with 4D

From $12,999.00

Chison Q9 With 4D


Chison Q9

From $13,399.00