Chison ECO Series Ultrasounds

Chison ECO Series Ultrasounds

A Model for Everyone

The Chison ECO Series has been an outstanding and popular ultrasound line for some time now. With five star customer ratings across the board, they have proved their abilities. If you are in need of an affordable ultrasound machine, check out the ECO Series.

The lineup consists of the, ECO 1, ECO 2, ECO 3 Expert, ECO5, and ECO 6. What does the ECO mean?

An Amazing Series

ECHO: Advanced technologies like i-Image, THI, SRA, and Compound imaging, also full digital beam-former, trapezoid, chromo, full screen display mode, and AIO (automatic image optimization)

ECO-friendly: Less radiation, less power consumption, longer usage life, and longer battery standby time. 

Ergonomics: Rotatable LED (0-30), more viewing angles, ultra-compact, ultra-light, easy to carry, easy to use quick access keyboard, optional dedicated cart, and a streamlined workflow.

Economic: The latest platform with a more advanced chip-set bringing better image quality and features at a lower cost in a more compact unit, with 8G memory card, and vehicle charging.

All ECO ultrasounds feature a 12" 30 degree rotatable medical grade LED monitor for different viewing angles, USB port, one key quick save, CINE, still imaging clips for quick recall, one key to full screen mode, compound imaging, 4G standard memory, and supports video and PC printer options. Also there is optional DICOM 3.0, 320G hard drive, waterproof keyboard cover, vehicle power charger for charging on the go, water-proof keyboard cover, and a carrying case.

The image quality improves as you move up the line with ECO 2, ECO 3 starting to feature automatic PW trace improving the diagnosis with excellent resolution. ECO 5 adds CFM Color Doppler technology, color priority, color filter, and trapezoidal imaging.

ECO 6 finishes the series adding more advanced features CW, TDI, B/bC, super needle, 2D Steer, Triplex, Auto IMT, Automatic PW trace, CPA, and DPD, also adding the Phased Array Probe option. All this for a fraction of the cost for similar units.

Value Beyond Price

Which unit fits your needs? Check them out today, all for value far beyond their prices. You won't be disappointed. And I won't fail to mention, all are available with Veterinary Software packages as well. Affordable prices between $3999 and $11000 with one probe.

Human Software: Chison ECO1 - Chison ECO2 - Chison ECO3 - Chison ECO5 - Chison ECO6

Veterinary Software: ECO1Vet - ECO2Vet - ECO3Vet - ECO5Vet- ECO6Vet 




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