Veterinary Ultrasound Machines For All Types of Animals

Are you looking for an affordable and advanced veterinary ultrasound?

KeeboMed is the leading provider to meet your complete needs of veterinary ultrasound machines. While focusing on the objective to provide full service & high-quality vet ultrasound machines, KeeboMed also ensures that its products are competitively priced. Whether you are looking for affordable equipment for small animals or farm animals, cattle or canines, we will ensure that your search for the best products ends at Keebomed.

What are some advantages of our veterinary machines?

  • Includes preinstalled vet software
  • Fully tested to ensure the best results
  • Inspected to meet quality standards
  • Performs accurately for years, proving to be a wise investment

Specific Veterinary software and special veterinary probes for diagnostic work in all kinds of animals are available. Different brand names and prices for all budgets, starting from $1500. Call us for recommendations and for the best deals.

From SonoScape to Chison and Mindray, we offer new and used ultrasound equipment of various brands at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through the entire range of products that we offer and buy the one that fits your requirements and budget.

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SonoScape A6V Expert -E1V

From $5,999.00


From $5,999.00

Chison ECO 1Vet


Chison ECO2 VET

From $4,499.00

Chison ECO3Vet

From $6,999.00


From $6,499.00

Chison ECO6VET


Chison Q5Vet


Chison Q9Vet

From $13,399.00




$4,499.00 $3,999.00

On Sale

iSonoTouch 20V


Chison Sonobook9 VET



From $3,999.00

Chison Ebit50 VET


KeeboSono Color Doppler C5 Plus Vet

$8,999.00 $6,999.00

On Sale

KX5600V LED Screen DICOM

From $3,999.00


From $7,499.00

DCU-12Vet Demo

On Sale from $3,999.99

On Sale

SonoScape E1

From $5,499.00

Chison Ebit 50