Cardiac ultrasound, also known as echocardiography, concerns the ultrasound imaging of the heart – a very fast moving complex organ positioned deep within the body. The cardiac ultrasound is used to create images of the heart which allows you to look at the size, shape, and motion of the heart.

KeeboMed Inc. carries the best ultrasound machines. We have Chison Q9 which is a full-digital color Doppler that produces excellent image quality. We also have SonoScape S8 which is technologically advanced and a portable machine that is used in a wide range of applications.

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Chison Q9

From $13,399.00

SonoScape S8

From $15,500.00

Chison EBit 60

From $22,000.00

Chison ECO 6


Chison Sonobook


Chison Q6


Sonoscape S8 EXP

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Philips CX50

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Mindray M7


Mindray M-7 Demo model


Mindray M-7 Used