The Portable Ultrasound is The Real Deal

The Portable Ultrasound is The Real Deal | KeeboMed Ultrasound Machines Blog

Delivering Sophisticated Capability in a Portable System

The portability and size of equipment in healthcare can have a real impact. Smaller, lightweight ultrasound systems can be brought to patients in emergency situations, moved from room to room within a facility, or transported to a remote location for point of care. Not confined to a room with a stationary unit sounds like a better deal for both your practice and your patient. Providers who are making the jump into the future of ultrasounds are finding value in this flexibility. 

Advantages of Portable Ultrasound

An Improved Doctor Patient Relationship

A portable ultrasound can allow for a prompt, immediate, and accurate diagnosis for a patient wherever they are located wether in a facility or remote location. Patients appreciate not having to be moved from room to room and waiting in additional lines. A portable ultrasound helps doctors make quick evaluations and treat patients faster and in a more effective manner. Doctors can also show patients in real time whats going on to help them better understand what ailments they are dealing with. This level of commitment and focus improves the doctor patient relationship, and leads to better patient outcome and satisfaction.

A Smaller Price Tag

Purchasing an ultrasound can be a major obstacle, however portable ultrasounds are relatively less expensive, and more cost efficient. With the smaller price tag facilities can possibly purchase more than one ultrasound, and avoid wait times and moving patients around. Portable ultrasounds range in price from $2000 - $20,000 versus standard ultrasounds that cost $20,000 - $200,000 or higher. What is nice is that you pay for the features you need, with many options from basic to advanced.

Similar Capabilities

Portable ultrasound manufactures are continuing to add more features and imaging capabilities making them better, smaller, and more powerful. Many portable ultrasounds are offering imaging capabilities that are at the same level as large trolley based units, featuring high quality imaging in resolution and image optimization. Compact systems are designed for a variety of specialties and applications. They can be used for 2D, 3D, and 4D across the spectrum. Many models are easy to use with streamlined and optimized workflow. Additionally portable units can feature color, doppler, power batteries, image transfer, print, and specific measurement and report packages, and really anything you may need for successful diagnostic imaging.

Given the widespread use and relevance in medicine today, it would be a good idea to see if a portable ultrasound would benefit your practice.  If you want to update your medical facility with a portable ultrasoundKeeboMed specializes in portable ultrasound machines. KeeboMed offers the best affordable prices on portable units and quality that you can trust. If you need help in choosing the right portable ultrasound for your practice, contact KeeboMed and speak to one of our representatives. We are happy to help you find the perfect ultrasound equipment for your practice!



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