My First Ultrasound, Intimidating Or Memorable?

My First Ultrasound, Intimidating Or Memorable?

Several publications may provide parents suggestions that may assist them for the arrival of their new born child. Throughout the mothers pregnancy each month becomes an exciting milestone, but the process can also be a little intimidating. One of the most momentous experience, however, is the first time your eyes capture the sight of your baby. This experience can  honestly leave one speechless. Although this milestone will be unforgettable, what should one expect for their first ultrasound?

The Joyful Benefits

As the baby continues to develop, you may wonder how is my baby's heartbeat? Is their any possible chance I am having twins? Am I having boy or girl? What is their current size? Here is where the advantages of the ultrasound come into play. This machine simply creates sound waves to receive the echoes that are produced which generates into image. This image provides you and your doctor with the ability to have more information on your precious child.


Research, a supportive person alongside you, and asking questions to your doctor can ease your nerves when it comes this procedure. Knowing the details of this procedure can help you be prepared to face any potential abnormalities detected by the ultrasound.

What to Anticipate

The National Institute of Health gives us insight into what this procedure entails. You will simply lie down on the examination table with your stomach exposed. The ultrasound technician will then gently apply a gel to your stomach for the purpose of improving the sound conduction on your ultrasound. Next, a device called a probe will gently be maneuvered on your stomach. Finally, as these steps are completed the ultrasound will translate sounds into an image which will produce a picture. 

For the first time your own eyes will be able to see your precious child through this image. The baby's features will show up as white in the image and the amniotic fluid will been seen as black. While the technician examines your stomach, the ultrasound will produce videos and still images that your doctor can analyze. The results of the ultrasound will allow your doctor to answer any of the question that you may have.

The procedure of a typical ultrasound usually is completed in about 15 to 20 minutes. However, a more through testing can possibly be up to an hour.

Your first ultrasound can be a little intimidating. However, the joyful results that you will receive will truly be memorable as you will see your precious child for the very first time.





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