Excellent Accessories To Add To Your Portable Ultrasound Machine.

Excellent Accessories To Add To Your Portable Ultrasound Machine.

At times a medical practice requires that a nurse, physician, or even a technician be sent to a house call. A variety of machines and tools are necessary for this house call, but for greater efficiency a portable ultrasound machine is needed. With a wide variety of accessories that connects to the portable ultrasound machine, this is an excellent addition for your practice. Notice just two features that this machine offers. 

Ultrasound Transducers

With a traditional machine an ultrasound technician creates certain images by most likely using a variety transducers. Changing to multiple transducers is simple throughout an office, but when it comes to making a house call this process can be difficult. A portable ultrasound with three to four main transducers allows you to switch out easily and helps you to adapt to several different situations.

With any patient who possibly has heart or fetal problems, a sector array device is your best option. Curved array devices are designed for the abdominal and lung issues, and for soft tissue imagery linear devices becomes your best choice. 

Smart Device Applications

A traditional location is ideal for portable ultrasound machines that needs a specific unit or a monitor with attached controls. However, for emergency's, quick analysis and diagnostics are essential. With a traditional ultrasound machine emergency imaging will be challenging. The solution? A smartphone ultrasound system. 

Smartphone or smart device ultrasound systems allows for diagnostic image to be completed with your cellular device. The lightning or USB port of your phone connects to the special transducers that allows you to control the transducers on your cellular device. 

Images can be directly saved to your phone or tablet, with the option of transferring the imagery. Encryption is offered by most applications which allow the data storage and transfer to be compliant with HIPAA. 

An ultrasound device that connects to your smartphone will possibly have a monthly fee for the use of it's operations. Nevertheless, compared to the price of a separate ultrasound monitor the charge for this service is minimal.

The right portable ultrasound machine with the best accessories will allow you to reach your specific imaging needs beyond your medical office. 

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