Must Have Features For a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Must Have Features For a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Choosing a portable ultrasound machine for your practice can be challenging. There are several different features that are found in different portable devices. Some machines enable access to a smartphone device, others have real advanced features, yet some have very basic features. With all these options, how do you choose the correct one that best suits your practice? Notice two important factors when deciding on which device is best for you.

1) The Transducers

Weather one purchases a single ultrasound transducer or a wireless one, the cost of these devices can easily become several thousand dollars. However, a multipurpose transducer can reduce the amount spent for a device. With a frequency rate of up to 15MHz, sound waves  can be normally detected by a convex and phased array. Once detected, images of the abdominal, heart, and other body parts will appear on the screen of the device.

Naturally multipurpose transducers are larger because of their style of releasing their sound waves in a wider pattern. If you prefer a clearer and crisper image on your device it may be necessary to purchase a special transducer to meet those needs.

2) Point-To-Point Wireless

Simply the point to point wireless system is the best option for a wireless transducer. These two different devices create a link that can travel either a short or long distance. This prevents the transducer from being disconnected to your smartphone in a certain amount of distance. 

The wireless system of a point to point has a set radio frequency that connects to a device. In addition, this feature will also prevent any other devices to interfere with the operation of the transducer. This wireless system mostly allows for an automatic connection to your smartphone as you open an imaging app. 

It is our hope that these two factors mentioned in this article provides you with a little more clarity to which portable ultrasound device is best for you. 

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