Did you visit KeeboMed at NAVC Orlando 2017? Maybe you should have checked out our Affordable Ultrasounds!

KeeboMed, Inc. KeeboVet veterinary division was at the NAVC (VMX) in Orlando Florida February 5th-8th 2017, were you?

With so many exhibits, I'm sure you were busy, and maybe overwhelmed taking it all in. Most likely we didn't get to see all 17,139 of you, but we enjoyed those of you we did talk to. Visiting with existing customers, and establishing new ones was a highlight. We love how successful the NAVC (VMX) has become, and look forward to next year,  February 4th-7th 2018 in Orlando. 

NAVC Conference 2017 Attendance: 17,139 TOTAL

  • Veterinarians: 6,834
  • Veterinary Technicians: 1,757
  • Practice Managers: 553
  • Support Staff : 314
  • Students: 722
  • Family & Guests: 1,995
  • Exhibitors: 4,855

Who are we at KeeboMed, Inc., and why should you seek us out?  

Most of you are eager to see the latest advancements in veterinary equipment. Solutions that will help you enhance your practice success. We can help you out in this department

KeeboMed Inc.

KeeboMed Inc. goal is to provide the best quality ultrasound equipment and at the same time offer them at competitive prices.
KeeboMed Inc. is an FDA registered company.
100% Safe - Keebomed is an Authorize.net verified Merchant and PayPal Verified Member.
KeeboMed offers 60 days for returns with free shipping.
Authorized distributor for:  SonoScape, Chison, Kaixin Electronics, WELLD and other companies.
KeeboMed is an Exclusive seller for SonoScape A6V in USA and Chison ECO1, ECO2 human and vet model, also DCU-12 Vet.
All Ultrasounds have Warranty.


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