Use of Doppler Ultrasound

Ultrasound image can be of four different types -- 2D, 3D, 4D and doppler ultrasound. Doppler ultrasound is a rage in the field of medical science due to its wide usage. Other than being a non-invasive procedure, it is better than X-ray which uses harmful ionizing radiation. This technique utilizes sound waves to measure the blood flow in different parts of the body.

It is a special technique in which the final image is produced by making use of ultrasound waves which are catalyzed by the doppler effect. Reflected sound waves are used in a doppler ultrasound to see how blood flows through a blood vessel and helps doctors evaluate blood flow in the major arteries and veins such as those of arms, legs and neck.

Here are some of the various uses of doppler ultrasound.
  1. To detect clots and blocked blood vessels in any part of the body, especially in the neck. The blocked or reduced flow in the major arteries of the neck can cause a stroke.
  2. To find out the amount of blood flow to a transported kidney or liver.
  3. To diagnose deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in leg veins) which can cause pulmonary embolism (blocked blood flow to the lungs).
  4. To check the health of the fetus by examining the blood flow in an unborn baby.
Color doppler is an enhanced technique that uses standard ultrasound methods to produce a picture of a blood vessel. This technique uses color processing to add color to the image to represent the direction of blood flow through the vessel. Other than showing the direction, the colors also vary in intensity depending on the velocity of the flow that helps to see how quickly the blood is flowing.

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