Used Vet Ultrasounds

Demo models - Used only for a few hours for Demonstrations.

Huge discount on used Veterinary Ultrasounds. These Demo models comes with a full warranty. Smart choice of buying vet ultrasound equipment!

SonoScape A6V Demo Model

From $4,699.00

KX-5000V Demo Model-LED Screen


KX5100V Demo Model


MSU-1 Open box


WED-2000AV Used


Demo WED-3000Vet


Demo Chison Q5Vet

From $8,999.00

KX5600V Demo


WED-9618KV Demo Model


Demo KX-5200V


Demo Chison Q9Vet


Chison ECO3Vet Demo Model

From $4,999.00

Demo WED-380Vet

From $3,499.00

Landwind Neucrystal C30KV Demo

From $2,799.00

Siui CTS 7700 Demo


Sonosite Titan


Acuson Cypress Pluss


Sonosite Micromaxx


Medison Sonovet Pico


Mindray DP-30Vet


Mindray DP-20Vet Used


Mindray DP-10Vet Used


Mindray DP-6900Vet Used


Mindray DP-2200Vet Used