Used Portable Ultrasounds

Here at KeeboMed Inc., we specialize in refurbished, used or pre-owned portable ultrasound machine systems that combine cost-effectiveness and quality for customers. We have one of the most popular portable used ultrasound equipment available like Sonoscape A6, Chison 8300 and more! These portable ultrasounds weight less than 20 pounds and are the size of a small laptop. 

Our inventory of Used Portable Ultrasound Machines are tested on-site, refurbished, provided a warranty and packaged aptly that are ready to be shipped, even world-wide. We offer them at competitive prices. 

Contact us today with any questions regarding your ultrasound needs and we will be happy to help you get the best deal. We also offer 30 days refund policy and finance options at the time of purchase.

SonoScape S2 Demo model

From $7,999.00

Chison ECO5 Demo

From $6,999.00

SonoScape A6 Used

From $3,699.00

Demo Chison Q5 with 4D

From $11,999.00

Chison ECO1 Demo Model

From $3,199.00

Used Chison ECO1

From $2,999.00

Chison Q5 Demo Model

From $8,999.00

Chison Q9 Demo

From $11,999.00

Demo Chison ECO3 EXPERT


SonoScape A6 Demo

From $4,199.00

Mindray DP-50 Used


SonoScape E1


Philips CX50

Sold Out

Siui CTS 8800

Sold Out