Used Color Ultrasounds

Look no further as KeeboMed Inc. has a wide selection of color ultrasound equipment from the biggest names in the ultrasound technology including Chison, SonoScapem, Philips etc.  At KeeboMed Inc., we have used color ultrasounds available at affordable rates. 

We have a variety of easy-to-use and cost effective systems and equipment for specific imaging for proper diagnosis. All the products meet the testing standards and provide the physician with a full-color image. The conditions of the ultrasounds are excellent. 

With Keebomed Inc. you can take the advantage of 30 days refund policy and finance options at the time of purchase. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you with your Color Doppler Ultrasound needs. 

Chison ECO5 Demo

From $6,199.00

Chison Q5 Demo Model

From $8,999.00

SonoScape S2 Demo model

From $7,999.00

Chison Q6


Chison Q9 Demo

From $11,999.00

Demo Chison Q5 with 4D

From $11,999.00

Philips CX50


Used Chison Q9

From $9,999.00

Used Chison Ebit 50