Deals on vet Ultrasounds

Choices of used and demo models of Ultrasound Scanners. Most of our used ultrasounds were demo models where we used it for 30 minutes to 2 hours just to do demos or take pictures. Comes with warranty. 

DCU-12Vet Demo

DCU-12Vet Demo

On Sale from $3,999.99

SonoScape A6V Demo Model

From $6,299.00

Demo Chison Q5Vet

From $8,999.00

Chison ECO2 VET

From $3,999.00


From $6,499.00

iSonoTouch 20V


SonoScape E1

From $5,499.00

ECO2 VET | Demo

From $3,799.00

ECO2 VET | Used

From $3,599.00