Surgical Sutures PGAR Polyglycolic Acid Rapid

Polyglycolic Acid Rapid sutures are composed of the same source polymer as that of a Coated Polyglactin suture. It goes through a unique irradiation process, which gives it its reduced molecular weight, and hence the rapid absorption characteristics. Used in general soft tissue approximation including ophthalmic surgery. Not indicated for cardiovascular and neurological tissue approximation.


  • Coated with magnesium stearate
  • Absorption by hydrolysis completed in between 35-42 days
  • Always predicable and reliable
  • High initial strength and strength retention for up to 12-14 days
  • Thread Color: Violet
  • Structure: Braided
  • Origin: Synthetic
  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide

Available Sizes of Polyglycolic Acid Rapid, 75cm with Needle:Size 3/0 Reverse cutting 3/8, 25mm

  • Size 2/0 Reverse cutting 3/8, 30mm
  • Size 3/0 Reverse cutting 3/8, 25mm

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