Surgical Sutures PGA Polyglycolic Acid
PGA  Polyglycolic Acid
PGA  Polyglycolic Acid
PGA  Polyglycolic Acid

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Quality & Value

I have been using people mad sutures for almost 5 years now they have the best quality for the best price and the quickest shipping in the business.

Excellent Suture

You have to try this suture. This is an excellent deal for the price. I have been using this suture for several years and it has always performed very well.

multiple orders no worries

Great product reliable shipping WILL definitely reorder!

5 star

PGA Polyglycolic Acid

good suture, bad needles

The suture handles and performs comparably to brand name sutures. The metallurgy of the needles leaves something to be desired. The needles dull quickly and bend easily.

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PGA Polyglycolic Acid

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PGA is synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of homopolymers of glycolide (100%).  PGA is undyed of dyed violet with D &C violet #2 and coated.  PGA meets all requiredments established by the United States pharmacopeia (U.S.P) for synthetic absorbable surgical suture.  This sutures in USA can be only for veterinary use, in other countries it can be used in human or vet. 

PGA is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and /or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological procedures. 

Type of absorption:  Absorption by hydrolysis complete between 56-70 days.  Always predicable and reliable.
Tensile strength:  High initial strength and strength retention for up to 28-35 days.

The suture is supplied sterile in “pre-cut’’ length with or without Needle in box of 12 pieces.  PGA synthetic absorbable Braided suture are available in U.S.P.  

Available Sizes of POLYGLACOLIC ACID/PGA, 75cm with needle

  • Size 2/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 26mm
  • Size 2/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 16mm
  • Size 2/0: Reverse Cutting 3/8, 30mm 
  • Size 3/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 25mm
  • Size 3/0: Round bodied 3/8, 19mm
  • Size 4/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 20mm
  • Size 0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 30mm