Surgical Sutures Nylon Monofilament

Non-absorbable suture, Monofilament, color: blue
Tissue reaction is minimal. Nylon is a non-absorbable material that with time, is encapsulated by connective tissue. 

This sutures in USA can be only for veterinary use, in other countries it can be used in human or vet. Has excellent customers review (see below).

Package:  Individual aluminum sealed foil, 12 pieces/box. 

Available Sizes of Nylon Monofilament, 75cm with needle

  • Size 2/0 Reverse cutting 3/8 30mm
  • Size 3/0 Reverse cutting 3/8 25mm         
  • Size 4/0 Reverse cutting 3/8 20mm
  • Size 5/0 Reverse cutting 3/8 20mm
  • Size 1 Reverse cutting 3/8 35mm
  • Size 2 Reverse cutting 3/8 40mm 

Customers review

"Perfect. Thank you very much." Buyer: chopperman66

"Very reasonable and fast shipping. Thank you!" Buyer: cutamerc

"GREAT ITEM SUPPER FAST SHIPPING THANK YOU A++++++" Buyer: watermarkstamps


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