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Ultrasound Probe Standoffs

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Durable Ultrasound Probe Standoffs

These probe standoffs are made of quality flexible polymer material that provides long lasting use. The advantages of probe standoffs include achieving better image quality and providing more comfort for the patient during exams. Available for rectal, micro convex, and linear array probes. 

For probe installation, put gel on end of probe, and on lip of standoff, then fully insert probe into standoff.  Swipe down the length of probe scanning area to remove any trapped air between standoff and probe.  

To clean, use soap and water and dry before storage in case.

Available Standoffs:

    • Linear Array Standard Type  (900134)
      • Approximate Probe Size: 1 1/2"L x 1"H x 2 1/4"W
    • Small Linear Array (901025)
      • Approximate Probe Size: 1 1/4"L x 3/4"H x 1 1/2"W
      • Micro Convex (901011)
        • Approximate Probe Size: 1 1/2"L x 1"H x 1 1/8"W
      • Rectal (901027)
        • Approximate Probe Size: 3"L x 1"H x 3/4"W

      Linear Array Standard Type is compatible with such probes as:

      GE Probes 12L 2302652
      Edan L12-5
      Sonoscape L745 • L38 • L743 • L741
      Aloka 75L38EA
      Zonare  FZT L10-5 Probe
      Chison  L7M-A
      Pie Medical and Esaote Probes: 401647 • LA523 • LA424
      Small Linear Array is compatible with such probes as:
      Chison L7S-A
      Sonosite L25 Probe
      Micro-Convex is compatible with such probes as:
      Sonosite C11 Probe
      Sonoscape C612
      Chison MC6-A
      Rectal is compatible with such probes as:

      Medison 600: LV2-5AD/LV4-7AD • LV59/60CD

      Sonoscape: Repro Probes

      Chison Repro probes

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