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KeeboMed CIC Chemical Protective Coverall PPE Cat. III,

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KeeboMed Medline CIC Chemical Protective Coverall PPE Cat. III 

- Microporous material.

- Taped Seams.

- Attached hood.

- Elastic wrists and ankles.

- Zipper front with storm flap.

- White, XL, NONCV985CXL 

- In new good condition, as pictured.

- Expiration 4/2025

LIMITATIONS: Exposition to certain chemicals or high concentrations may require higher barrier properties, either in terms of the performances of material or in the construction of the suit. The user shall be the sole judge of the suitability for the type of protection required and the corrected combinations of coveralls and additional equipment.


- Make sure that the size corresponds with the user. Don not make any modifications on product.

- Check that the product has no defect and is in good condition (no holes, unsewed parts, etc.)

- Open the sip, dress up taking care not to break the material. Close the zip and sealed the flap. In case of airborne solid particulates it is advisable to cover the zipper and to surround the extremity of the sleeves and the leggings with adhesive ribbon.

- The protection characteristics are valid only if the item is correctly dressed and closed.

- Protect uncovered parts of body (hands, respiratory areas, foot) with protective gloves, boots, eventual mask etc. attached to the coverall (if necessary adding adhesive stripe) and offered the same level of protection in order to provide for full body protection.

LIFETIME: It is suggested to use the product within a period of five years from the date of production written on label.


- Choose products compatible with area of work.

- The disposable item should be replaced after every use.

- If any breaking, punctures etc. occur, leave the working area and wear new coverall.

- The prolonged wearing of chemicals protective suits may cause heat stress. Heat stress and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated by using appropriate undergarments or suitable ventilation equipment.

- The person wearing the electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall be properly earthed. The resistance between the person and the earth shall be less than 108 Ohms e.g. by wearing adequate footwear;

- Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall not be open or removed whilst in presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres or while handling flammable or explosive substances;

- Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall not be used in oxygen enriched atmospheres without prior approval of the responsible safety engineer;

- The electrostatic dissipative performance of the electrostatic dissipative protective clothing can be affected by wear and tear, laundering and possible contamination;

- Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall permanently cover all non-complying materials during normal use (including bending and movements).

- This coverall meets the requirement Ljmn, 82/90 < 30%  Ls 8/10 < 15%.

- The test method is based on a testing principle similar to the inward leakage test principle for respiratory equipment, for type 1 and type 2 chemical protective clothing and for protective clothing against radioactive contamination. The method provides a measure of the inward leakage into protective clothing by dry aerosol particles (generated from a sodium chloride solution) having a mass-median aerodynamic diameter of 0,6 micrometers.

- These garments are flammable - keep away from fire.

- Abandon the place of work immediately in case of damage of the product.

- The user shall not take off the garment when he is still in the risk area.

TRANSPORT, CONSERVATION AND DISCARDING: The item should be transported and conserved in a dry place away from sources of light and heat. If not contaminated the product can be treated as a common textile waist. If contaminated it should be treated as harmful garbage and discarded according to country laws.

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