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KeeboSono C7 CW

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KeeboSono C7  is continuous wave and pulse wave color doppler ultrasound based on an advanced PC platform.  C7 is integrated with new clinical ultrasonography solutions including: superior image, comprehensive functions, easy to carry unique design, and many more features.


  • Pulse Wave and Continuous Wave Doppler  
  • Adjustable monitor to 90° 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Built-in lithium battery 
  • Versatile Probes up to 15Mhz

    Advanced Imaging Technologies

    Phase inversion harmonic imaging and frequency compound imaging 

    Ensure excellent penetration and a more delicate 2D image 

    Spatial Compound Imaging 

    Combines images from multiple scanned angles to reduce artifact and improve image quality.

    Speckle Reduction Technology

    Reduce speckle noise and improve image quality.

    Multiple Imaging Modes

    B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging,
    Panoramic imaging, Trapezoid imaging (linear probe only),
    Anatomical M mode, 
    Color M mode,tissue doppler imaging (TDI), 3D/4D imaging
    Color Doppler Enhancement Technology

    Effectively suppress color doppler flashing noise and improves the color flow resolution and sensitivity. 

    Multi-Beam Formation Technology 

    Increases time resolution and frame rate

    Auto measurement of intima-media thickness (IMT)

    Easy operation improves work efficiency

    One key Image Optimization

    Automatically adjust imaging parameters to optimaze the image with one key


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