Chison Sonobook9  VET
Chison Sonobook9  VET Chison Sonobook9  VET Chison Sonobook9  VET Chison Sonobook9  VET Chison Sonobook9  VET Chison Sonobook9  VET
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Chison Sonobook9 VET

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SonoBook VET is a latest portable laptop ultrasound machine form CHISON medical ultrasound manufacturer. It boasts premium performance in pregnancy and fertility detection, cardiology, vascular etc. 

Comes with one probe of choice (please specify at checkout).

Best Compact Veterinary System:

  • So Intuitive that it can be operated without a manual
  • Easily responds between different modes
  • Operate for an entire work day with only one battery charge
  • Weighs as little as 12 lbs.
  • Detects ultra-slow velocity < 2cm/s tiny vessel, while not missing high velocity > 40cm/s on cardiac
  • Image superficial tissue within 2mm and achieve more than 30cm of depth clearly on larger animals
  • Can be applied to every species and every application

Fast - Precise - Cutting Edge -Auto-ambient adjustment - Wifi -Green


  • Artistic design with durable and tiny frame
  • 15" LED high resolution monitor, 120 degree rotatable
  • Comprehensive cardiac measurement package: stress echo, auto IMT, semi-automatic, simpson measurement, PISA, and more. 
  • Versatile probes: 1.5MHz to 23MHz range
  • Wider range of transducers cover different solutions.
  • 2 Hours battery life for active mode, easy to swap
  • Smart software package
  • Optional Dedicated trolley with three probe connectors, adapter space, and printer socket
  • DVI-I, DICOM, VIDEO, WIFI, USB3.0, etc.
  • Advanced technologies: FHI, x-contrast, Q-beam, Q-flow, Q-image.

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fastest machine

this is the fastest machine i've ever used, amazing products!!! we bought 5!