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Demo model was used for a couple of hours for photography.  

CHISON Q5 offers superb image quality for multi-applications.  Advanced technologies SRA and THI provide better contrast resolution. Combined with an array of professional probes, Q5 ensures prompt and accurate diagnosis. 

A work-flow oriented user interface allows for user-friendly operation with minimum soft key entries. 

Some features of Chison Q5:

Image modes

  • B,2B,4B,B/M,M
  • CFM
  • PW Mode
  • Power Doppler / Directional PD
  • Duplex
  • Trapezoidal
  • Chroma B/PW

Image processing technology

  • THI on convex probe
  • Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA)
  • Compound technology
  • I-Image:image optimization software

Standard configuration

  • Main unit,15" LCD, 2 probe connectors
  • Hard disk, 2 USB ports,Video out,TV out
  • LAN port,VGA out
  • One probe


  • 6.0MHz Micro-Convex probe
  • 5.0MHz Micro-Convex probe
  • 7.5MHz Linear probe
  • 3.5MHz Convex probe
  • 6.0MHz Micro-Convex probe
  • 5.0MHz Micro-Convex probe
  • 7.5MHz Linear probe
  • 3.5MHz Convex probe
  • Wideband, Multi-frequency
  • Video Printer: SONY UP897MD
  • PC Printer (any type)
  • DICOM 3.0
  • I-Image:image optimization software
  • Biopsy kit: for convex, linear,TV probe
  • Foot-switch

Customer Reviews

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Teresa Underwood, MD
Worked well until it wouldn't stay on

I purchased my second Chison Q5 before the end of 2021, and I was very happy with it. In fact, I had considered getting a 3rd one for my ObGyn practice. However, it stopped staying on in 10/2022. It will power up and then completely shuts off after 5 minutes or less, even plugged in. We tried reaching out to Chison in the US mainland with no success. Gabrielle from Customer Service at KeeboMed (who I purchased this 2nd US from) reached out to me on 11/29/2022 to complete this review. I was off-island on vacation but responded to her about this problem on 11/30/2022. My office manager Emailed her on 12/14/2022, but we have not had any further response to help fix this US. I hope that someone can help us so I can amend this review.

Paul Drewry

Chison Q5Vet

Tina. G
Excellent company!

i like to work with this company and i feel honored.


cute machine, i like it. The service from this company is very good!

Kevin. C
Amazing 4D

it's a little bit heavy to carry with but it is still a decent machine to use....