Ultrasound Machines Have Advanced The Medical Field

Ultrasound Machines Have Advanced The Medical Field

Ultrasound machines were created in 1955 with the main purpose of doing research. Since the time this device was first created, technology has improved dramatically over the decades. Ultrasound machines are now equipped with many new features and perks that allows a physician to diagnose a health problem in a pain free way.

An additional advantage that this device provides to the medical field is the ability to safely monitor an unborn fetus's inside a mother. The procedure of an ultrasound examine ensures the mother of her child's progress during the pregnancy, such as determining the child's sex or their weight. Another perk to this device is that it allows physicians to detect how strong their patient's heart is pumping. This in turn will help the physician to determine if their heart vales are properly functioning.

Evidence shows that the ultrasound machines have indeed changed the medical field. However, some ask, how does this device actually work? Notice in the following subheading how this machine actually works.

Functions Of An Ultrasound Machine

There are much similarities between an ultrasound machine and animals who use echolocation. Both use high frequency waves and echoes to locate their object. Once sound waves travel from the probe to the body, the body reflects these sounds waves into a probe. During this process, the machine will calculate the distance of the sound waves that are reflected from the bodies tissue's into the probe. Once the distance is properly measured an image appears on the screen's device. The physician will then see a two or three dimensional image of the intended object.

How are sound waves sent out from the probe? The answer is found in the unique feature called the central processing unit (CPU). This function is the brain of an ultrasound machine that computes the micro-processor memory, power supply, and amplifiers for the probe. Electrical currents are sent to the probe from the device to transmit sound waves to an object.

Notice some of the components of an ultrasound machine:

1) Keyboard

2) Printer

3) Transducer Probe

4) Transducer Pulse Controls

5) Disk Storage Device

6) Central Processing Unit

7) Display

Now that we have noticed how this device works, our next question is, how is this machine maintained?

The Maintenance Of An Ultrasound Machine

Proper maintenance on an ultrasound machine is essential to receive the maximum usage of this device. As an example, each time the device or it's probe is used, sterilization is needed to disinfect any potential germs that were spread. Additionally, for accurate readings the cables of the device need to be properly monitored. There are other proper procedures that need to be followed  for an ultrasound machine. A manual is usually sent with the machine that provides specifications of its maintenance.

Accurate diagnoses, painless examines, and effective procedures have convinced several physicians of the importance of purchasing their own ultrasound machine for their practice. Now the question is, can an ultrasound machine help you?


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