The Ultrasound's Unique Features

The Ultrasound's Unique Features

Did you know that ultrasound machines and bats use the same technique to navigate and locate their target? Both use a technique called echolocation. Notice how this unique feature benefits an ultrasound machine. But before we do, let us learn what an ultrasound is.

The Definition An Ultrasound

The natural properties of an ultrasound machine are similar to the way bats detect their prey. Sound waves projected on the device have the ability to detect the frequency of its target. This machine becomes useful to a physician as it will allow them to gain a clearer diagnosis for their patients.

Unique Features

1) Cleaning

When certain equipment is being used for your practice, have clean tools is essential. At times this may prove to be a difficult task. However, the process of an ultrasonic cleaning allows dirt and grease to be removed easier from the equipment. The process is simple, an object is dipped in a cleaning solution and the ultrasonic waves are generated on item to remove the dirt or grease.

2) Echocardiography

This process allows for an image of the heart to be seen on an ultrasound machine. The ultrasonic waves are reflected on the image an then detected.

3) Ultrasonography

Sonogram images of the internal body structures can be seen by the medical ultrasound. This process is a diagnostic imagining technique that allows organs, muscles, and joints to be visible. A probe can detect the sound waves echoed from the tissue, which are then recorded and displayed on the screen of the device.

4) Lithotripsy

If a patient has large stones in their kidney it can become extremely difficult to remove them. However, the ultrasonic waves break the stones into smaller pieces without injuring the body. This allows for a smoother process for the smaller pieces of stones to be properly removed from the body. 

5) Sonar

Sound can be detected, navigated, and even communicated by the process called Sonar.

6) Echolocation

At the outset of this article we stated that an ultrasound machine and bats use similar techniques to locate their target. This is clearly seen in how both use the process of echolocation. Sound waves allow them to locate and navigate where their objects are. Once the object is hit it reflects back to them the shape, distance, and size of their target. 


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