All You Need to Know About Infusion Pumps

An infusion pump is a medical device which is used for delivering fluids in a patient’s body in a controlled manner. These pumps are used for both animals as well as human patients. These infusion pumps come in different varieties to serve various purposes in different environments.

These Infusion pumps can deliver fluids in small as well as large amounts. They are also used for delivering medications or nutrients including insulin as well as other hormones, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics as well as pain relievers. There are many infusion pumps that have been mainly designed for stationary use at the bedside of the patient. There are others which are known as ambulatory infusion pumps that have been designed to be wearable or portable.

There are many commonly used infusion pumps which have been designed for specialized purposes. Some of these pumps include:

  • Enteral pump - This type of infusion pump is generally used for delivering liquid nutrients as well as medications to the digestive tract of a patient.
  • Patient-controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pump - This infusion pump is mainly used for delivering pain medication. This pump is equipped with a feature which is helpful in allowing patients for self administering a controlled amount of medication as required by the patient.
  • Insulin pump - This pump is mainly used for delivering insulin to patients suffering from diabetes. They are mainly used at homes.

Infusion pumps can either be powered mechanically or electrically. These pumps operate in various ways. When it comes to using a syringe pump, the fluid is held in the reservoir of a syringe and the fluid delivery is controlled by a movable piston.

Elastomeric pump holds fluid in a stretchable balloon reservoir, the fluid delivery is driven by the pressure from the elastic walls of the balloon. A peristaltic pump uses a set of rollers pinching down on the flexible tubing’s length to push the fluid forward. Multi-channel pump delivers fluids at multiple rates from multiple reservoirs.

If you are a veterinary practitioner you can buy veterinary infusion pumps for sale online. You can choose from a variety of infusion pumps available online at the best possible prices according to your requirements.

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