Tips to Take Care of Your Pregnant Ewe

Tips to Take Care of Your Pregnant Ewe During the pregnancy the ewe needs to be taken care of as the nutritional requirements of an ewe during pregnancy changes as the time for the delivery approaches. The normal 147 day gestation period is generally split into three stages including early, mid as well as late pregnancy. It is important to offer proper care and nutrition to the ewes during all stages keeping in mind the number of lambs they are carrying along with their body condition.

During the early pregnancy stage of your ewe, make sure that you avoid any sudden dietary change or stress which is associated with handling or moving fields. It is advisable to maintain a level plan of nutrition for three weeks after the removal of rams for improving conception rates.

During the mid pregnancy stage, make sure you get your ewes scanned by a veterinary practitioner at around 70 days. After you receive the results, group them according to their nutritional needs, body condition and litter size as well as adjust their feed allowances and grazing. Ewes carrying triplets will definitely need supplementary feeding before the earlier than those carrying singles and doubles.

During the last stage of pregnancy, make sure you offer a balanced ration with the right amount of concentrate supplements increasing it gradually to a maximum of two weeks before lambing. This will sustain the ewe during the pre-lambing period. Also, go for high quality supplements which provide both undegradable and degradable protein.

Also, ensure that your ewe during late pregnancy gets plenty of water, at least 4.5 liters every day. During early lactation increase the amount to 9 liters a day. Make sure that during all stages of your ewe’s pregnancy you get her checked by a reliable practitioner. A good veterinary consultant will only use advanced veterinary ultrasound machine for proper diagnosis of the problem if any persists.

The above mentioned tips will ensure that your ewe remains healthy during her pregnancy and no complications take place.

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