The Advantages That Comes When Owning A Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound

The Advantages That Comes When Owning A Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound

With a wide selection of ultrasound machines it may become very overwhelming in choosing the best one for you. However, the following paragraphs will provide you with practical information to help you pinpoint the best device for you.

How Does A Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine Work?

Simply put, the device produces sound waves that causes vibrations within the soft tissue cells. As a result, sonic stimulation will increase the body's temperature, similar to the effect of how a heating pad does. A therapeutic ultrasound machine should not be used on a young child, during pregnancy, open wounds, eyes or with anyone who has vascular issues. 

The Length Of The Treatment?

Depending on the patient's condition an examine may take up to 2 to 5 minutes. A special gel is required on the treated area in order to run the exam properly. This device may be an excellent alternative to alleviate pain to certain patients. This includes ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. Additional treatments can be on the joint contractors or tightness, sprains and ligament injuries, tendonitis, muscle strains and tear, bursitis, and frozen shoulder.

How A Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment Helps You to Recover?

A common misunderstanding with the ultrasound therapy is how some believe that the transducer heats up like a heating pad. The heat that is produced in the transducer is from the cellular level. Sound waves act as vasodilation that causes pressure within the body to change to help you recover quicker. 

The process for this exam is simple, in a circular motion a transducer is gently rubbed over the area that has been spread with a specialized gel. Once the exam is complete the aim of the therapeutic ultrasound is to reduce the inflammation and swelling of a patient. This treatment becomes an alternative for those who no longer want to take anti-inflammation drug.



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