Equip your clinic with an ultrasound machine, now!!

Ultrasound machines are devices which emit sound waves projected at an object to form an image of the desired target.

Ultrasound diagnostics are used externally in animals for evaluation of soft tissue and tendon injuries, and internally for detection of pregnancy or evaluation of reproductive tract.

Ultrasound equipment has become as prevalent as radiograph machines in vet practices. Vets use many modes of imaging which include radiographs(X-rays), CT scans and MRIs. Each type employs different methods to create images.

Ultrasound is becoming very common, with many clinics using ultrasound machines on a daily basis for diagnosis and other procedures.

Ultrasound uses the same technology used to generate sonograms during human pregnancy. It is a very non-invasive method and has negligible or no side-effects, although mild sedation is required for animals who are hyper-active, or anxious such that they remain still, so that a clear image can be captured.

The difference between radiographs and ultrasounds are that radiographs provide an overall picture of the abdomen or the body, whereas ultrasound does not form an image depicting the body. However, it shows the structure of an organ, which is very useful in diagnosis of the patient animal. Another advantage is that ultrasounds are faster and more affordable than other advanced imaging modalities.

If you are looking for veterinary ultrasound for sale, there are a number of retail stores which have these machines on offer. Discover the most reliable, durable, portable and easy to use machines available for sale. A number of online sites offer heavy discounts on used veterinary ultrasound machines. It becomes easy for the consumer to decide which machine to buy if they have a wide range of options available to them.

The retail stores choose only the best ultra sound machines for sale. This is based on a number of factors:

  1. Customer feedback and reviews.
  2. Internal testing, research and reviews.
  3. Budget evaluation and cost effectiveness.
  4. Service history.
  5. Image quality.

Some of the advantages of using ultrasound machines are listed below:

  1. Radiographs and ultrasound used together form a great diagnostic tool for vets.
  2. Ultrasound is able to detect tumours, or characterize objects ingested by a pet.
  3. It can be used to distinguish between soft tissue or foreign bodies, which is sometimes difficult to do on X-rays
  4. Ultra sound can also be a way to evaluate the function of the heart and diagnose specific heart diseases. The ultrasound of the heart, also known as an echocardiogram, the vets are able to diagnose if blood is flowing well and the heart valves are functioning properly.
  5. Ultra sounds are especially useful for potential diagnosis of bladder stones. It can also be used for small biopsies of organs, and also to obtain urine from the bladder.

In conclusion, I would like to say that veterinary ultrasound for sale , is necessary for treating pets appropriately as and when required. It improves the quality of veterinary diagnosis and care. As more clinicians begin to feel this way, it might become a mandatory requirement in veterinary clinics.

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