The myriad uses of an ultrasound machine in the present world

Ultrasound is known to be a diagnostic technique that involves directing high frequency sound waves at tissues in the body to generate images of anatomical structures. Ultrasound is also known by its other names namely, sonography, diagnostic sonography and echocardiography when it is used to image the heart.
They are non invasive tests that are used to create images and systems within the body. It is a known fact that ultrasound has a variety of uses in medical diagnostics. It is most well suited for tissues that are solid and uniform or that are filled with fluid. It has become an indispensable equipment used by doctors to diagnose a variety of medical conditions and assess organ function.

Evaluate symptoms

One of the most common medical uses of the ultrasound is to evaluate symptoms. A physician may use an ultrasound to determine the cause for any pain, swelling or infection that is present in the body. An ultrasound is also useful in determining any abnormalities or damages that might be present in the body or the ones that might have occurred in any of the organs following an illness.

Examine Internal Organs

An ultrasound is a very helpful tool when it comes to observing body’s internal organs. An ultrasound of the abdominal area may be done to show any damage in the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and the bladder or determine the condition, of the thyroid and parathyroid can be inspected with the use of an ultrasound. Even the status of the ovaries and uterus can be assessed with a sonographic report.

Evaluate Pregnancy

Probably one of the most effective uses of the ultrasound is to assess the development of an unborn child. Due to this development in the medical field, doctors are not only able to give expecting mothers the report about the overall development of the child, but also set a date for delivery according to the development seen.

Check Blood Flow

Ultrasounds are used to help a doctor evaluate the flow of blood in the vessels and check for any obstruction which might lead to frequent blood clots occurring in the body tissues. Apart from this, it also helps in the study of the condition of the heart. The visual flow of blood and the volume illustrated through the sonographic device, it enables the physician to make an accurate diagnosis,of the heart and determine the particular procedure necessary in case of any abnormality.

Guide procedures

A lesser known fact but nonetheless very important in the medical field is that, ultrasounds are used to guide needle biopsy procedures. The needle draws out the cells from the abnormal areas, and the samples are tested. If any abnormality is found, the needed procedure to correct the anomaly is carried out. For instance, ultrasound helps doctors to carry out a breast tissue biopsy and in determining the possibilities of breast cancer in that person. Treatment of tumors and some form of cancer may also be facilitated when an ultrasound is used to guide the procedure.

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