Benefits Of Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanners

Doppler is generally used in ultrasound devices to diagnose discrepancies in the hemodynamics of the blood flow. Doctors use the Doppler affect in sonography that gives them medical imaging of vessels and the flow within them. Thus, Color Doppler ultrasound scanners have a huge importance in the medical field as these devices help the doctors to do the necessary work supporting cardiovascular and internal medicine. As the Color Doppler technology allows blood flow to be seen in the image processing, it is highly preferred by the doctors for their necessary diagnosis. As these scanners are easy on the patient, they do not need to have any sedative for the procedure.

Color Doppler ultrasound scanners can detect and measure the movement of red blood cells as they cause a change in pitch of the reflected sound waves which is also known as the Doppler effect. They use standard ultrasound methods to produce a picture of a blood vessel and the computer converts the Doppler sounds into colors that are overlaid on the image of the blood vessel that represents the speed and direction of blood flow to the vessel. The frames of each picture marks blood location and the rate of the frame determines the speed.

When there is a change in the rate of blood flow then the scanner shows possible interruptions or abnormalities that are associated with blockages, tumors and other conditions. Color Doppler ultrasound scanners are the only devices that are effective to evaluate the blood flow to this extent that helps to determine the health and condition of the organ. The reason for which these scanners have become quite significant in the medical field is that they can be used to understand the severe cardiovascular conditions. They show a clear indication of blood pooling and changes in flow rate, that makes diagnosis much easier for the doctors. The abnormalities observed is seen real time using Color Doppler ultrasound scanners.

The development of aneurysm or occlusion shows bulging veins that can burst due to blockage that can cause pressure. When a Color Doppler ultrasound detects it early then an emergency procedure can be implemented before a break in the vein occurs. Any malformation in the veins that is stopping the usual blood flow can also be evaluated by Color Doppler Ultrasounds . The technology, though costly than the traditional scanners, has become more common in the medical field. These scanners help in early detection that can change a disaster into a life saver!

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