Benefits of Using Bovine Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasounds, also known as sonograms are used to diagnose any problem in the internal organs of both humans and animals. The ultrasound tests are non-invasive and used to create images of the internal organs and also display the blood flow through the vessels. These machines are used for a number of purposes like they are used to evaluate symptoms, examine internal organs, evaluate pregnancy, check blood flow, and determine abnormalities.

The Bovine Ultrasound Machines are used largely by the vets nowadays as they provide more accurate and quicker determinations than other pregnancy detection methods by making faster veterinary herd health pregnancy checks. The machine can diagnose conditions in the thorax, testicles, umbilical area and more. You can use them to scan sheep, goats, and small animals etc. These machines are specially designed with veterinary rectal linear probe-high frequency, long cord and long lens. Some models also provide goggles which makes diagnosis procedure all the more easier. The machines also provide extension arm for rectal probe.

For large animals you can always choose the Equine 230KV Ultrasound Scanner and Bovine which is considered to be the best by the veterinary doctors. These machines have a linear scanning mode with a USB connection. They have an internal battery charger and a removal internal rechargeable battery which allows the vets to buy a new battery if they need to replace it. The machines also provide a carrying bag. But experts need to handle these machines as they are highly specialized.

It can be very painful to carry an ultrasound into a barn with so many varying and unpredictable environments. That’s why it is better if you use portable bovine ultrasound machines which will make your work much easier. These machines are durable and can be cleaned easily and they are less damage prone too. The vets can take it anywhere they like. So, these machines are preferred by the vets as these are portable and also provide some of the best images for equine sports medicine as well as reproduction, radiology and cardiology.

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