A Veterinary Orthopedist Can Insert Implants

Many people don’t realize that veterinary medicine has made great progress in a number of specialties. There are some veterinarians that specialize in orthopedics and they are capable of doing amazing work for their patients. Orthopedic surgery in animals often requires rehab or physical therapy just as it does in humans. Animals still need to rest and require pain medication while they recover from their surgical procedure.

Most pet owners go to their family veterinarian when their pet has a problem. If the injury is something that is beyond their area of expertise the family veterinarian will often refer the patient to a specialist. This could be at a specialty practice or at a university hospital. It is quite common for orthopedic injuries to require surgery, and that requires a consultation with a specialist to determine the best course of treatment and to thoroughly explain the recovery process to the pet owner. Orthopedic surgery is usually quite costly and that is something most pet owners need to prepare for.

It is very common for a pet to need veterinary orthopedic implants. These implants are comparable to those used in human medicine and can be just as costly. Implants are used for a number of procedures, especially those involving the hip or the knee. Owners need to be prepared not only for the cost, but for a recovery period that usually involves a great deal of time and work on the owner’s part. Most pets have an uneventful recovery period if the surgery was successful and the owners are compliant during the recovery period.

Most owners will have questions when it comes to using veterinary orthopedic implants in their pet. It is important that owners discuss all of their concerns with their surgeon before having any procedures performed. A well informed owner helps to ensure that the pet will have an uneventful recovery after surgery. The advancements made in orthopedic medicine have made it possible for many owners to avoid the option of euthanasia for their pets.

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