Why is Doppler Ultrasound Done?

Doppler Ultrasound machines are used to evaluate the blood flow through major arteries and veins. They show blocked or reduced blood flow through narrow areas and can also reveal blood clots in leg veins. These machines may be used to assess your baby’s health and measure the flow of blood in different parts of the baby’s body during pregnancy.

A Doppler ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to give a clear picture of blood flow in your body. This non-invasive method is used for a number of different purposes, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Evaluate vein problems, a stroke or other such conditions that may be the result of a problem with blood flow.
  2. Find blood clots, narrowed or blocked blood vessels in almost any part of the body and also the amount of blood flow to a transplanted liver or kidney.
  3. Check the condition of grafts that are used to bypass blockage in an arm or leg. Also, map veins for the use of blood vessel grafts.
  4. Monitor the flow of blood during blood vessel surgery and guide a laser or radio-frequency treatment.
  5. Reduce the risk of stroke by finding out the presence, amount and location of arterial plaque. The presence of plaque in the carotid arteries may increase the risk of stroke by reducing the blood flow to the brain.
  6. Check if the fetus is getting enough oxygen and nutrients for proper growth. The Doppler ultrasound is used to guide decisions when:
  • When the fetus is smaller than the normal size of his or her gestational age. The blood flow through the blood vessel in the umbilical artery can be looked at.
  • It can be used to monitor fetal health in case Rh sensitization occurs.
  • The test can be used if the mother has other problems such as a sickle cell disease or preeclampsia.

Doppler ultrasound has made it easy to get accurate test results. Also, the use of handheld doppler ultrasound machines has made the process of diagnosing problems much easier and convenient.

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