Tips for Choosing the Best Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Use of anesthesia machines has been very helpful in the field of medical science especially for vets. Anesthesia machines have been very helpful for patients as well as doctors. Before the development of this machine, when patients were operated they use to suffer a lot of pain as they could feel everything. The doctors also used to feel disturbed and distracted because of the suffering of patient. Some even lost their lives due to excess pain. When buying a veterinary anesthesia machine, there are many important factors that need to be kept in mind. Here are some of them.

1. The anesthesia unit should include a gas supply and control unit, breathing and ventilation circuit and a scavenging system.

2. The machine must be able to measure O2 concentration, airway pressure and either the volume of expired gas or the concentration of expired CO2.

3. The veterinary anesthesia machine that you choose must be able to support a horse and also a small cat. Usually a machine that supports both would be an immobile one that can be adjusted to support any size animal.

4. The monitoring equipment must be precise. The administration of anesthesia must also be able to support small and large animals.

5. The veterinary anesthesia machine must be sleek in design and compact. The equipment should be on rollers and able to be transported easily. A portable system allows for emergencies to be handled on farms.

6. Portable veterinary anesthesia machines are highly preferred by veterinarians as they can be easily moved. For smaller animals, it makes sense to use a portable machine. These machines are ideal for veterinarians as a veterinarian clinic is relatively small compared to a regular hospital.

7. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you can opt for a used anesthesia machine. However, make sure that used machine is checked for proper industry certifications that are specific for veterinary anesthesia machines. The machine should be a few years old with a warranty and return policy.

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