Emergency Ultrasound

In emergency medicine, speed as well as accuracy is of utmost importance. This is the reason that the emergency medicine ultrasound systems and medicines need to accurately and quickly diagnose various injuries to help emergency room personnel make a quick decision to help the patient. With the finest inventory available at KeeboMed Inc. at affordable rates and in the best conditions, it is easier for the ER doctors to get a detailed and crystal clear look at a traumatic injury within just a few minutes.

SonoScape S8 is one of the leading ultrasound portable machines that is technologically advanced to meet your emergency medicine ultrasound needs. It gives excellent image quality with its superior software and technologies.

If you are looking for the best emergency medicine ultrasound machines and systems, KeeboMed Inc. will offer pre-owned, used or refurbished equipment along with 30 days refund policy and Finance options. Get the best deals here and you will have no regrets later.

Chison ECO5

From $6,499.00

Chison ECO5 Demo

From $6,199.00


From $6,999.00

Mindray DP-30


SonoScape A6

From $6,499.00

SonoScape E1

From $5,499.00

SonoScape S2

From $10,500.00

SonoScape X5