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Vivid 7 Dimension GE
Vivid 7 Dimension GE
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Vivid 7 Dimension GE

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    GE Healthcare’s Vivid 7 Dimension is a high-performance ultrasound platform for excellent scanning


    • Advanced Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI) provides quantification of LV synchronicity information. Time-to-peak data derived from TSI’s simple-to-use “red-light / green-light” visualizations let you quantify left ventricle synchronicity for heart failure patients or those undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).
    • Automated Function Imaging (AFT) is an easy-to-use tool for assessing and quantifying left ventricle wall motion. AFI (derived from 2D strain) delivers reproducible, systolic, quantitative segmental and global assessments of the left ventricle – quickly and accurately.
    • Real-Time 4D Color Flow Full Volume – Assess hemodynamic information in color in real time in the same heart cycle – with the option of viewing a 6-slice cross section of the left ventricle.
    • Contrast Imaging enhances visualization of the LV border for wall motion analysis and ejection fraction calculations in multidimensional imaging and 4D full volume imaging
    • 6 Slice – can further enhance full volume color information. The 6-slice view takes the full volume color information and creates 6 equidistant slices and the ability to focus on a specific region of interest.
    • Multiple-angle compound imaging enhances border definition, reduces acoustic artifact and improves contrast resolution.
    • The 9L transducer features a new ergonomic profile, with a smaller, more ergonomic handle design and a smaller, lighter, more flexible cable, for easier, more comfortable scanning.
    • Speckle Reduction Imaging – offers new improvements that enhance image quality in difficult-to-image patients.
    • Blood Flow Imaging (BFI) gives you a better understanding and delineation of directional blood flow in vessels.
    • IMT measuring technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness, which studies show may be an early sign of athersclerosis.
    • Multi-Dimensional and 4D Imaging – with multi-dimensional imaging, you can simultaneously acquire bi-plane and tri-plane images from the same heartbeat – without moving the probe’s position – to get more cardiovascular information in less steps.
    • 9 Slice allows you to visualize regional wall motion in a whole new way by slicing the left ventricle of a 4D full-volume dataset into nine equidistant short-axis views.
    • 4D Coded Phase Inversion (CPI) enhances your contrast imaging capabilities on your 3V transducer, allowing you to get excellent sensitivity, resolution and tissue suppression in 4D imaging.
    • Flexible reporting package increases productivity by allowing you to choose the report configurations, and edit the findings text and conclusion sections according to your lab’s individual workflow needs.
    • Fast-pull down menus help you automatically sort and insert information.
    • Customizable normal report values let you define measurement values.
    • MPEGVue allows you to export more compressed studies.
    • EVUE simplifies PC setup for remote interactive image monitoring.
    • DICOM connectivity, with embedded raw-data storage, permits post-exam quantitative analysis.


    • Height (with 21” LCD monitor): 54.1 in (137.5 cm)
    • Width: 25.2 in (64.0 cm)
    • Depth: 35.4 in (90.0 cm)
    • Weight (with LCD monitor, without peripherals): 403 lbs (183 kg)
    • Display Screen: 21-inch High-Resolution (up to 1600 x 1280 pixels), flicker-free LCD monitor


    • Cardiac
    • Vascular

    Modes Of Operation

    • B-Mode (2D)
    • M-Mode
    • B-Flow (BF)
    • Color Doppler
    • Color M-Mode
    • Spectral Doppler
    • CW Doppler
    • PW Doppler w/ high PRF
    • Anatomical M-Mode


    • GE 3V – 1.5-4.0MHz, Volume ‘4D’ Phased Array
    • GE M4S – 1.5-4.3MHz, Phased Array
    • GE 3S – 1.5-3.8MHz, Phased Array
    • GE 5S – 2.2-5.0MHz, Phased Array
    • GE 7S – 2.9-8.0MHz, Phased Array
    • GE 10S – 3.7-11.5MHz, Phased Array
    • GE 9L – 3-10MHz, Linear
    • GE 10L – 4-10MHz, Linear
    • GE 12L – 4.9-13.0MHz, Linear
    • GE M12L – 4.9-13.0MHz, Linear
    • GE i13L – 5.3-14.0MHz, Linear (Intraoperative)
    • GE i8L – 3.9-10.0MHz, Linear (Intraoperative)
    • GE 4C – 1.6-5.0MHz, Convex
    • GE 5C – 3.0-6.7MHz, Convex
    • GE 8C – 3.7-8.0MHz, Convex
    • GE M7C – 2.9-7.0MHz, Convex
    • GE E8C – 3.7-8.0MHz, Microconvex (Endocavity)
    • GE 6T – 2.7-7.0MHz, Multiplane TEE (Transesophageal)
    • GE 9T – 3.1-10.0MHz, Multiplane TEE (Transesophageal)
    • GE P2D – 2.0MHz, Non-Imaging CW Doppler Pencil
    • GE P6D – 5.0MHz, Non-Imaging CW Doppler Pencil

    Probe Types

    • Linear Array
    • Phased Array
    • Convex Array
    • Microconvex Array
    • Volume ‘4D’ Phased Array
    • Multiplane TEE
    • Pencil Doppler


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