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Ultrasound C30KV
C30KV Ultrasound
C30KV Ultrasound Scanner
C30KV Scanner

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Landwind Neucrystal C30KV Demo

Regular price $2,799.00

Used Landwind Neucrystal C30KV is one of the highest quality ultrasounds.  It is lightweight and portable which make it extremely easy to move and to work on animals.  Landwind C30KV is one of the only models that has wide 70mm imaging.

Some features of C30KV:

  • Rectal probe has lens 70mm (image is wide 70mm too), Cord long 13 feet.
  • Professional animal software software for canine, feline, equine, bovine and ovine
  • Wide range of transducers with high frequency
  • 512-frame Cine loop
  • Imaging Mode: B, B/ B, B/ M , M
  • Scanning modes :Convex and Linear
  • Gray scale :256
  • Display:10" high resolution monitor
  • Transducer Connector: 2 like standard
  • Scanning depth: up to 250mm
  • Dynamic imaging technologies: Digital Beam -forming
  • Digital Frequency Scan
  • Dynamic Receiving focusing Dyna mic Receiving apodization Real-time Dynamic Aperture

Imaging processing

  • Pre-processing: 6-segment TGC adjustment Dynamic range
  • Post-processing : Gray scale,Gray reject Scan angle left/ right reverse up / down reverse Polarity reverse


  • Zoom: Local zoom
  • Panoramic zoom
  • Imagememory: Up to 800 frames
  • Cine loop :512 frames IQS: image optimize

Animal Calculation: Equine , Bovine , Ovine , Canine , Feline , etc


  • USBVG ARS-232
  • Remote
  • Video Output
  • Net weight: 9.5 kg