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Main Features

  • Hemodynamics is seen with great detail due to the B-Flow Color which allows you to recognize the different flow variations while maintaining high frame rates.
  • Remarkable temporal and spatial resolution when scanning vessels to the imaging blood reflectors.
  • Dynamic, portable, and excellent images.
  • Harmonics increase the resolution and cystic clarity that incorporates coded harmonics with Phase Inversion Harmonics.
  • Tissues and border differentiation are improved by the CrossXBeam. In addition, the real-time spatial compounds the acquisition and processing.
  • The Raw Data promptly stores the data of the image chain to allow the best flexibility during post-processing and analysis.
  • High frames rates are maintained by the DualBeam despite using high line density, even in abnormal settings. Temporal resolution is elevated in the fast-flow cardiac and vascular studies.
  • The clarity of the organs and lesions are magnified by the Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI). The high-definition contrast resolution suppresses speckle artifact while preserving true tissue architecture.
  • No matter the size or difficulty of the patient every exam receives a clear and precise image. The new ceramic materials in the Single-crystal transducers expands the bandwidth and enhances the sensitivity to deliver excellent cardiac performance.
  • Real-time 4D imaging achieves and produces volumetric images that envisions the multi-planar anatomical views.

System Details

  • Depth: 640 mm
  • Monitor: 17-inch TFT LCD
  • Height: 1360 mm
  • Weight: approx. 80 kg (176 lb.)
  • Width: 430 mm


  • Gynecological
  • Vascular
  • Breast
  • Endocavity
  • Transesophageal
  • Obstetrical
  • Cardiac
  • Small Parts and Superficial
  • Pediatric and Neonatal
  • Abdominal
  • Intraoperative
  • Transcranial
  • Urological
  • Musculoskeletal

Transducer Types

  • Linear Array
  • Volume ‘4D’
  • Convex Array
  • TEE Multiplane Sector Array
  • Sector Phased Array
  • Single CW (Pencil)
  • Bi-plane Microconvex Array
  • Microconvex Array

Operating Modes

  • M-Mode
  • PW Doppler w/High PRF
  • Anatomical M-Color Mode (option)
  • Coded Contrast Imaging (option)
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) Mode (option)
  • 4D Real time (option)
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) with Directional Map
  • Anatomical M-Mode (option)
  • B-Flow Color Mode (option)
  • PFD Mode (option)
  • 3D Static (option)
  • Elastography (option)
  • B-Mode
  • Color Flow Mode (CFM)
  • M-Color Flow Mode
  • B-Flow Mode (option)
  • CW Doppler Mode (option)
  • 3D/4D Volume Modes (option)


  • GE 8C – 4-11MHz, Microconvex
  • GE 3CRF – 2-4MHz, Microconvex
  • GE 9L – 3-10MHz, Linear
  • GE T739 – 4-12MHz, Linear (Intraoperative)
  • GE 3Sp – 1.5-5.5MHz, Phased Array Sector
  • GE 5S – 2-5MHz, Phased Array Sector
  • GE ERB – 3-11MHz, Bi-plane Intracavity
  • GE 4DE7C – 4-11MHz, Convex Volume
  • GE P6D – 5.0MHz, Non-Imaging Single CW Doppler Pencil
  • GE 5CS – 2-6MHz, Convex
  • GE E8C – 4-11MHz, Microconvex (Endocavity)
  • GE BE9CS – 4-11MHz, Bi-plane Microconvex
  • GE 11L – 5-13MHz, Linear
  • GE 8L – 4-11MHz, Linear
  • GE P2D – 2.0MHz, Non-Imaging Single CW Doppler Pencil
  • GE 4C – 1.4-5.0MHz, Convex
  • GE 4D8C – 4-11MHz, Microconvex Volume
  • GE 4D5C-L – 3-7MHz, Convex Volume
  • GE E8CS – 4-11MHz, Microconvex
  • GE 4D3C-L – 2-5MHz, Convex Volume
  • GR 6Tc – 3-7MHz, Multiplane Transesophageal Phased Array Sector
  • GE 3S – 1.5-3.5MHz, Phased Array Sector
  • GE 7S – 3-8MHz, Phased Array Sector
  • GE 5Sp – 4-10MHz, Phased Array Sector
  • GE i12L – 5-12MHz, Linear (Intraoperative)
  • GE i739 – 4-12MHz, Linear (Intraoperative)
  • GE ML6-15 – 6-15MHz, Linear