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Used in perfect condition.

The EBit 60 delivers all the power you need in today´s challenging clinical environment, yet remains ultra-portable and ultra-affordable. With cutting-edge imaging technologies, precise and intuitive workflow, ergonomic, eco-friendly design and versatile transducers, this dynamic ultrasound ideal for all body imaging needs. 

Outstanding Features

  • Quality Cardiac Software
  • 7-18 MHz L12-E, High Frequency Linear Array Probe 
  • Ultra Portable 15lbs 
  • FDA Approved 
  • Similar to QBit 
  • 15" LED Screen, angled up to 30°
  • Has FHI, better than THI
    • Will not sacrifice depth for resolution.
  • Full Screen Option
    • Without sacrificing resolution.
  • High frame rate
  • Standard settings very good for MSK
  • Standard setting for Thyroid is very smooth with good contrast.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Coleman

Thank you for a great product at a really good price! This machine will help my 501(c)(3) begin research into a neglected disease that others thought was just too difficult to even deal with in finding a cohort group to study. There is not even a test for the disease in humans nor is there any cure for it. You just made it possible for HDRI.org to make a difference by kick starting the needed research. Nobody should ever be forced to live with this horrible disease. Thanks for helping.

Very happy with Ebit10Vet

We have bought several ultrasounds from KeeboVet.
eBit10Vet has best image and best performances. We also got 3 year warranty.

Jeffrey Semel
very good cardiac

the ebit 60 has very good cardiac, i threw my GE away!

Rick Davis
The heartguys review

We received the unit as promised. It was well packaged and arrived in exceptional condition.
Plugged the unit in and our staff reviewed its operational manual and was very pleased.
Once I.T. Completes the intragration with our pacs platform we will be ready to start scanning.
Thank you
Rick Davis
President & CEO
Specialized Imaging and the heartguys of Colorado

Parkslop Cardiology
Excellent service

Mr Stole and his team did great work. Highly recommended.