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The Terason t3200 Ultrasound System is a dynamic portable imaging solution that uniquely features image quality, networking and work-force perks not formerly possible in a small-scale system.

Teratech Architecture

The Terason t3200 system is engineered on a Teratech Architecture, the most significant ultrasound system architecture development in years. Teratech Architecture incorporates the front-end Fusion processor with powerful PC-based software back-end data processing. The leveraging patented charge-domain processing and system integration technologies allows for a flexible scalable platform that permits the development and seamless integration of front line imaging applications and enlarges system capabilities. Teratech Architecture produces excellent imaging and Doppler, facilitates real-time, and quantitative pictures and data analysis.

Fusion Processor

The Terason’s Fusion Processor is the intellectual mastermind of the Terason t3200 System. The Fusion Processor obtains 256 beam forming channels. It's 128 transmit beam forming channels grants for multi-focal transmit zones, each dynamically fixated with different aperture, frequency, and waveform qualities. With 128 receive beam forming channels it allows for a special B-Mode sensitivity, remarkable high frame rates, and supports higher frequency transducers for applications requiring high-resolution imaging.

High Performance Laptop Ultrasound

Incredible Portability

The t3200 system’s compact size and thin weight make it simple for an image in cramped patient rooms or at distant sites. The systems weight is about 8.0 pounds, and can operate on batteries for more than 2 hours. The t3000 also easily converts to a cart-based system.

Remarkable Usability

The t3000 system functions as a Windows application on a standard laptop computer, it in turn becomes easy to operate. In addition, this system has ingrained PC-related productivity perks. Loops, imaging, and reports can be transferred to standard word processing and presentation software applications with cut-and-paste simplicity. The data file management is intuitive. This system also has a built in Wireless and Ethernet connectivity.  DICOM export is simple with an integration voice command and other application. OneButton optimization simplifies the start of each exam by tailoring the  TGC’s which includes a diversity of other imaging controls, so that you quickly focus on the patient. At the time of the exam, most common tasks are completed with a single keystroke.

The t3000 supports a variety of transducers and exam types, distributes powerful vascular and cardiac reporting, and is constructed to develop larger systems for imaging at remote locations. In addition, this model serves as the main imaging solution in smaller or office-based practice settings.

Imaging Styles

  • Power Doppler
  • Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler
  • ECG trace
  • Directional Power Doppler
  • Duplex Doppler (Simultaneous, Real-Time 2-D and Spectral Doppler Display)
  • 2D/B-Mode, Fundamental and Harmonic Imaging
  • Color Doppler
  • Triplex Display (Simultaneous, Real-Time 2-D, Color Doppler and Spectral Doppler Display
  • M-Mode

Digital Image Addition, Storage, and Management

  • Storage of static images and dynamic clips
  • Internal hard drive for image and data storage
  • Integrated CDRW Drive
  • Internal storage for more than 50,000 images
  • User-selectable formats for digital storage of static images and dynamic clips:
  1. AVI, BMP, TIFF and JPEG formats
  2. DICOM 3.0 format
  3. Lossless native format

Optional Transducers

  • Terason 7L3 - Linear
  • Terason 8EC4 – Endocavity
  • Terason 5C2 – Curved Linear
  • Terason 8MC3 – Miroconvex
  • Terason 12L5 – Linear
  • Terason 4V2 – Phased Array
  • Terason 12HL7 – Linear

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