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Supper Small Chison SonoEye P1 Linear Array for android Color Doppler Vascular

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Chison SonoEye P1 Linear Array

Works with android device only.

Amazing image quality.

SonoEye P1 - Personalized To Meet Your Needs

The SonoEye is the latest ultrasound machine that will stun you with incredible images and intuitive usability. Made specifically for smartphones with a price that is a fraction of the cost of a traditional ultrasound, but has the power in your pocket. It will provide immediate results to your clients using a specially designed app that is easy to use. SonoEye is the lightest handheld ultrasound with the fastest response.

Works only with android devices.

Basic Specifications

  • 9.0MHz, 30mm, Linear


  • Vascular, MSK, Nerve, Lung, Small Parts, EM, etc.

Display Modes

  • B Mode | M Mode | Color Mode | PW Mode

PW Auto Trace

  • One touch to trace the doppler spectrum
  • Automatic measurement
  • Super Needle

    • Enhance the needle visualization
    • Increased success rate
    • Better patient care

    QR Scan

    • Automatically create patient ID/MRN according to the barcode
    • Automatically open features according to the barcode

    SonoEye P1 Linear Array Features

    • Go Light
      • Half the weight of a mobile phone
      • SonoEye P1 Linear Array Features

        • Go Light
          • Half the weight of a mobile phone
        • Go Waterproof 
          • 1m underwater depth for up to 30 minutes
        • Go Thumb-Play
          • As easy to use as your smartphone
          • Start the APP with one touch
          • One click to start the exam with perfect parameters immediately
          • One thumb to finish all operations
          • Simplified AIO optimization
        • Go Wireless
          • Wireless Transfer
          • Wireless Charging
          • Wireless Print
          • Wireless Remote

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