Small Oscillating Saw M-12

Excellent quality with speed. The oscillating saw provides reliable performance (power and accuracy) and is suitable for high temperature sterilization.  The oscillating saw is low noise design of mechanical structure and components.  

Being lightweight, it is suitable for hand, foot and frontal cheeks surgical operation.  Provides safety saw removing device and five pieces of saw blades.  It is faster and affordable than ever.  Some features of the oscillating saw are listed below.

  • Reciprocating Frequency: 14000 Times/min; reciprocating amplitude: 2.5mm-5mm; stepless speed regulation;
  • Battery voltage: 14.4V; exempt from disinfection design; 2 batteries;
  • Safety saw removing device; 
  • Low noise design of mechanical structure and components
  • Strong host power, conjoined closed cover;
  • Suitable for high temperature sterilization;
  • Along with 5 pieces of saw blades

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