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Micro Orthopedic System Upgraded 1.5/2.0/2.7mm

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Upgraded Mini Kit For Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery 

KeeboVet Micro Upgraded System has sizes 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.7mm instruments and implants.  A complete micro system with high quality stainless steel plates, self-tapping screws, and instruments.  

We can accommadate specific sizes of plates or screws, just note when purchasing.


  • Bone drill bit 1.1x80mm (5) 
  • Bone drill bit 1.5x80mm (5)
  • Bone drill bit 2.0x80mm (5)
  • Bone Tap 1.5mm (1)
  • Bone Tap 2.0mm (1)
  • Bone Tap 2.7mm (1)
  • Screwdriver 1.5/2.0mm (1)
  • Screw holding sleeve 1.5mm (1)
  • Screwdriver 2.7mm (1)
  • Screw holding sleeve 2.7mm (1)
  • Drill Guide 1.1/1.5mm (1)
  • Drill Guide 1.5/2.0mm (1)
  • Drill Guide 2.0/2.7mm (1)
  • Counter drill 4.0mm (1)
  • Straight quick-coupling handle 4.5mm (1)
  • T-shape quick-coupling handle 4.5mm (1)
  • Screwdriver with handle 2.6mm (1)
  • Depth detector 40mm (1)
  • Hook (2)
  • De-coupling (1)
  • Periosteal dissector 3mm (1)
  • Periosteal dissector 5mm (1)
  • Screw holder (1)
  • Plate Forcep (1)
  • Plate Bender 2*1 (set)
  • Elevator 3*1 (1)
  • Bent Reduction Forcep (1)
  • Sharp Reduction Forcep (1)
  • Plate Nipper (1)
  • Multi-functional Forcep (1)
  • Bone plate box 1.5mm (1)
  • Bone plate box 2.0mm (1)
  • Bone plate box 2.7mm (1)
  • Case with lid 15"9"x3" (1)
  • Bone screws 1.5mm self tapping (40) Sizes (6-30mm)
  • Bone screws 2.0mm self tapping (55) Sizes (6-30mm)
  • Bone screws 2.7mm self tapping (60) Sizes (8-30mm)
  • Bone plate 1.5mm (7)
  • Bone plate 2.0mm (10)
  • Bone plate 2.7mm (10)

-In USA, can only be used for Veterinary field.

Keebovet - Orthopedic mini fragment set,micro system kit,quality veterinary orthopedic system with all instruments an implants

"Very pleased with purchase; this is a great kit. Thank you." Buyer: M.T. UK Jun-08-11 05:09 -(Orthopedic mini-micro fragment system/set 1.5/2.0/2.7mm)

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Jessica Torok
Lack of Storage but Good Quality

I was surprised to find that the 2.7 mm screws did not have a case and that none of the plates had a place to be stored inside the kit.
There were also a limited number of screw sizes in the kit, which was not indicated in the description. I will need to order additional screws and formulate a way to store them and the plates.
It would be much more beneficial to have appropriate areas within the kit for arranging and storing the implants.
I have the mini set and that setup is much more inclusive of the implants for storage.


Marcelo Evangelista

The kit includes all the basic kit for plating for as small as Chihuahua and small cat to as large as Labrador retriever dog. I love the kit as it is described to fit into my small table top autoclave. Materials from the smallest screw and plates from 1.5mm to the biggest 4.0mm are made of implant grade, high quality stainless steel. All other acxessories from drill guides, taps, counter sink and drill bits comes with pair, quality stick tight for easy engagement to the bone cortex. The kit even comes with a smaller screw holder for easy pickup of the screws from the tray.

What notices me is that there are only few smaller screws, the 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.7mm included specially the shorter with shorter lenght which I needed the most because mostly of my patients are toy or smaller breed of dogs.

I hope Keebovet, will send me free of charge for the shipping, I am willing to pay the items for the shorter lenght screws like the 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.7mm.

All in all, the Complete Orthopedic Kit for Small Autoclaves is a good iinvestment thtat every companion animal vet practice should have.

ximenes thierry

Complete Kit 1.5/2.0/2.7/3.5/4.0mm



Maria Diaz
Problems with UPS

Program delivery in evening and delivery arrive in morning