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Kaixin KX5200V Veterinary Wrist Ultrasound-Demo Model. Was used for 30 minutes as demo unit.  Offers best image quality from all Kaixin models.  Very practical for work with large animals.  The machine can be on your wrist like a watch and it is easy to operate and manipulate.  

The screen is 5.7" high resolution non-interlaced LCD which makes better image quality.  It is digital machine which offers multi-function.  Choices of different probes.  Offers extensive veterinary clinical applications.

Standard Configuration includes

  • KX5200V main unit
  • connector for probe one
  • CINE loop 256-frame
  • Storage 100-frame image
  • USB port
  • software packages
  • 6.5MHz linear veterinary rectal probe
  • 4 veterinary body marks

Optional Probes

  • 3.5MHz convex abdomen probe (for veterinary abdomen, GYN, OB, Urology)
  • 4.0MHz convex rectal probe (for veterinary endorectal)
  • 4.0MHz convex rectal probe with handle (for veterinary endorectal)
  • 5.0MHz micro-convex cardio probe (for veterinary cardio)
  • 6.5MHz linear veterinary rectal probe with handle(for veterinary endorectal)
  • 6.5MHz convex transvaginal probe (for veterinary endovaginal)
  • 7.5MHz high frequency linear probe (for veterinary small parts, orthopedics, breast, musculoskeletal)
  • Pinter paper (expensive)

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