KX-5000V on Sale

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Best laptop ultrasound scanner for bovine and equine reproduction.  C omes with rectal probe 5.5/6.5/7.5MHz.  It is f ull digital laptop scanner for veterinary use with veterinary software.  

Owing to the compact size and light weight, veterinarians in the hospitals and private clinics can easily carry these systems. These machines operate on battery and give your freedom from the clutter of cords.   Laptop ultrasound machines are perfect for use in health care institutions where space is limited and mobility is highly important. Some features of KX-5000V are listed below.

  • Image high quality
  • USB port to save the images and transfer to PC
  • Light weight
  • Two batteries
  • Warranty from US 3 year for main unit and one year for probe
  • Large LED screen 10.4"
  • Pseudo color function
  • User friendly
  • Full Digital ultrasound machine-better image quality then analog machines
  • Big choice of optional probes-more then others
  • Can be charged in the car
  • Battery last at least 2 hours
  • Works anywhere in the world

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